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It is the right time to enter into the casinos business, but you must have this domain


casinopm-logoHere is one of those domains you can very unlikely find for sale: a highly lucrative, category-killer domain in one of the world’s most important keywords – is here, now!

Whether you’re looking for slots or holdem poker, casinos are hot commodities. In the sector, “casino” is by far one of the highest paying Google Adsense keywords, placing at #2 with a staggering $100 CPC!

Casino domains like this are virtually impossible to find on the market these days. In those rare opportunities this happens, buyers spend four-to-six figures for them. Not convinced? Take a look at the below reported sales, courtesy of namebio: – $10,960 – $35,127 – 10,320 – $15,000 – $625,060 – $69,269 – 10,000 – $17,550 – 13,500 – $9,999 – $10,426 – $19,000 – $135,000

This domain has many good features. It is not only a generic category-killer domain, it is also in an easy-to-remember extension (PM could be in reference to time, or something related to Phones and Mobiles, thus I can see a lot of branding potential here). It is an exact term domain, something that will help a webmaster attain organic traffic in Google and other search engines. Again: this domain is an EXACT MATCH term. It’ll gain you organic (free) traffic, thus reducing enormously your marketing costs.

Domain name:
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If you’re uncertain whether investing in .pm: sold in February of last year (via SEDO) for $2,739.

If you’re uncertain of value, here is an appraisal made by a popular company.


Best of all, my domain can be your domain with a single bid. As I’d love to get in touch before selling this rare domain, I didn’t set any price and you are free to submit your best offer here (please include @casinospm in the subject line). You can also ask a question in the comment area below. I will be happy to reply to each of you, no matter the amount, but only the smartest investor or business man will get giving the right value to this gem 😉

I know, with such a generic term, I ought to develop this domain. But my laziness will be someone else’s fortune 🙂 Make an offer, and the newest owner could be you.

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